About Us

Auckland Puppy Rescue was started in early 2014, and is a registered NZ charitable trust.

Although there are a number of dog rescue groups in New Zealand, we saw a need for an organisation dedicated to puppies from newborn to 12 months of age.

We are passionate about desexing dogs to decrease the amount of unwanted puppies being born, and run a project to desex dogs in our community.

Our team is made up of a small number of volunteers, who work hard to save puppies as well as working full time jobs and studying.  We have a network of fosterers and supporters who help us with additional hands-on tasks.

We also network with a large number of other rescue organisations across New Zealand.

Once a puppy comes on board, we foster them with families who are given all the food, supplies and support they need to get the puppy happy and healthy before being rehomed to carefully screened adopters.

We ensure all our puppies have received vet checks, full vaccinations, worm and flea treatment, and have been desexed, microchipped and registered before adoption.


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